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Jun 16, 2010
Although I don't own any poultry or waterfowl currently I'm looking to find and raise some ducklings...

About a month ago is when this all started. Here's my story...

After weeks of getting onto my husband about getting the garage cleaned out one day we decide to tackle to job together. I started at the back, he started at the front. Of course we picked a 90 degree day to work one this project so we were moving slow and taking lots of water breaks. During one of our many breaks my husband cries "Oh NO look behind you!!" He hates bugs so I'm thinking I'm going to turn around and find a giant spider. To my surprise it was a duckling! I gasped and ran after it. Somehow this little duck had got into our garage! When I picked up the ducklings I noticed a huge bald spot on its head with what looked to be a scab. So we figured it was one lucky duckling to have escaped whatever was after it. So the cleaning got put on hold as we put the duckling in a box and we ran around trying to find its mother or siblings or any duck for that matter. We spend the rest of the day looking and finally decided it was best if we just took care of it ourselves (much to my husband's dismay). Of course it didn't take long and he was attached. After a few days we decided it was a she (we really didn't know for sure) and named her Eva. If it turned out to be a male we'd just tack an 'N' on the back and it would be Evan! We were sure how old Eva was when we found her, but noticing she still had her egg tooth we knew she wasn't very old.

One week after finding her I was supposed to take a trip out to visit my sister on the East Coast so I left Eva in the care of my husband. I left a one page note on how to care for her. While I was gone my husband became VERY attached to Eva. It was very easy for her to take a place in anyone's heart. Unfortunately, as I was on my way back, Eva passed away unexpectedly. We don't know for sure what caused it, but we do know she is dearly missed. My husband buried her out front in my flowerbed where she loved to run around.

Now that a few weeks have passed we'd love to raise a couple as pets. We have been looking everywhere for some that are a day or two old, but have not had much luck. This is what brought me to this site.



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Apr 15, 2009

Sorry for your loss. Ducklings are addictive- once you have one you have to have more. Hope you find some soon.

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