Hello from Indiana.


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9 Years
Jun 1, 2010
Hi I am new to BYC. I was introduced to it by my mom .I decided to join to learn more about chickens and because it looked fun. My yard is full of ducks and my beloved chickens. I love to read and pet my chickens in the morning and collect eggs all day long .I love all subjects in school accept for math . I have dozens of chickens most of my roos are mean especially
my silkie roo hector.I can't wait to get to know every one. Bye:)
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Hi there!

I'm also in Indiana, so nice to meet you neighbor! I hated math in school too, but I think the problem is that they just teach you to do it without telling you why it's so important and interesting. Everything is mathematical, from spiral patterns on shells and sunflowers, to great art compositions relying on the golden ratio (which ties in to nature's spirals!), and even theoretical things like the uncertainty principle... it's actually really fascinating if you can just learn about it instead of doing it over and over haha. But anyway, welcome!

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