Hello from Kansas - New to chickens!


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
Hello everyone!

I'm Katie and my family is located in east central Kansas. I've always planned on my daughter doing 4H when she is older. I had hoped chickens, rabbits, and (please please please) goats, but that is still years away so we've started a tad earlier than I expected too. Two weeks ago my stubborn 4 year old convinced me to get her 6 chicks from our local farm store who is so nice to "celebrate" CHICK DAYS for a few months during spring :). Lets be honest, it's basically a petting zoo featuring chicks, ducks, geese, and turkeys.

I've "chicken sat" for family friends before and I've wanted chickens myself but I was not prepared for them at all. I know how to fill up a feed dish and waterer and how to collect eggs but raising chicks is a lot scarier and overwhelming than I expected. I had nothing ready for them so they went into a large tote which I sat in my bathtub and they have been doing great. I have 2 inside dogs and 2 insides cats and although 1 dog and 1 cat were fairly interested we thankfully had no issues.

We have 2 plymouth rock pullets that hopefully my daughter will be able to show for 4H in the future and 2 black sex link pullets and 2 red sex link pullets. We got the 2 plymouth rocks and 1 black link first and then after doing some research (on this site I believe) I read that small flocks are happiest with 6-8 so we went back to the store and got 3 more.

Yesterday while lounging in my living room I started to hear a lot of rustling in the bathroom and after going into investigate I discovered the little turds were trying to fly so although I wasn't quite ready to send them outside to their dog crate turned chicken brooder that is now where they are.

I bought large brackets to set the brooder off the floor and away from anything that a predator could use to climb up to the crate so it's about 4 ft off the ground. Then I used chain to secure it to the garage rafters. I wrapped it in chicken wire with cardboard in between the cage wire and chicken wire. I hope it's alright!

I'm a huge animal lover and although these chicks are driving me nuts and stressing me out I'm so concerned about their health and safety. Plus my daughter will not handle it well if something happens to them.

So we have 4 cats, 2 outside/2 inside, and 4 dogs, 2 outside/2 inside and now 6 chicks
. My brother came over last week and informed me that we will be receiving his two horses in the upcoming month because our pasture is doing better than his, so we will have lots going on this summer!

Very long post, sorry lol Since tonight is the chicks first night outside I'm worried that I won't sleep very well so I'm going to entertain myself with this website for awhile. Looking forward to learning a lot from this site and all of you!

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Welcome to BYC! I'm also from Kansas. Do you have a heat light on for the chicks? They might get a little cold without out it. I hope they do fine on their first night out. Enjoy them! Chicks are so much fun.
Oh yes they have a lamp. While they were in the house I gave them a 125 watt light but this evening I gave them the 250 watt one. I'm going to go check on them now, hopefully they won't be acting too cold
I figured they did, but you didn't mention it so I wanted to be sure. I'm sure they will be fine. I haven't put mine outside yet, but I sure will miss them when they go. :(
Well I checked and even though I think it's pretty cold outside they seem to be completely fine
They were all silent, one of the few things that I know for sure is that noisy chicks are stressed/cold chicks. Two were sleeping near the heat lamp but not directly under it and they weren't cuddled with each other either. The other 4 were up eating and drinking. Guess I can go to sleep now lol
Greetings from a fellow Kansan, Sobba Chickens, and
! Pleased you joined our flock! Always great to welcome fellow Kansans to the site! Sounds like you're off to a great start! Good luck on your chicken adventure!!
Thanks for the warm welcome! Checked the chicks as soon as I was awake this morning and they were laying near the lamp but still not directly under it, and were laying together but not huddling together so I guess they did alright last night :) I"m so relieved!

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