Hello from MA


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9 Years
Mar 3, 2010
Byfield, Ma
Hi Everyone! My family and I are new to chickens and anxiously waiting for our new chicks to come next week! I don't know who is more excited: my kids (5,3,2) or my wife and I. BYC has been a great influence in how we've set up for our new additions. The information provided has been priceless. It made my research go very smoothly. We are expecting 25 chicks: 5 buff orpingtons, 5 barred rocks, 5 partridge rocks, 5 speckled sussex, and 5 araucanas. And actually 5 others for my neighbor.... we got him hooked too. We live north of boston by the ocean in an agricultural area, and can't wait for the warmer weather to also arrive so I can finish their coop. Thanks again for all the info up to this point and in the future, Dan.

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