Hello from Maine!


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May 24, 2012
Southern Maine
Hello everyone! I joined so I could post a question about one of my pullets but it suggested I do an intro first

I am a new chicken Momma to 4 girls who are now almost 7 weeks old. I got them as day-olds. Minnie Mae the Australorp, Honey White the Buff Orp, Anhyzer the Brahma, & Tilda McNugget the Easter Egger. I held and loved them every day they lived in the house and we are quite attached :)

I just moved them to their coop this past weekend. It's absolutely luxurious. Sized for 12 with a large secure run, an insulated (but well-ventilated hen house) and a beautiful wood worked nesting box with tin roof...my boyfriend and I built it together. It took 8 weekends! They love it and after free-ranging (only after I get home from work-no hawks are getting MY girls!), they happily go home at sundown.

OK, I'm at work and really need to ask the question I'm here to ask so I'll sign off. Looking forward to talkin' chicken with you all! I'm starting to be thought of as the crazy chicken lady around my parts (what's wrong with loving a pet, anyway?? :)



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