Hello from Manitoba!


6 Years
Sep 17, 2013
Manitoba, Canada

I don't have any chickens yet, my husband and I are looking at buying our first house soon and are planning on having chickens though. Preferably Americaunas, maybe red sex link too.

We live in Manitoba and have a 2, almost 3 year old daughter. My husband is a heavy duty mechanic and I work for a non profit that focuses on northern food security. We (my employer) have several communities at work that have gotten funding through us to raise laying hens and meat chickens depending on their preference. I've learnt so much working there and cannot wait to get my own chickens! (and later, of course, goats and maybe guineas!)

If I had the space, I likely would have prematurely jumped into chicken ownership, but thankfully I have plenty of time to research everything I need to

Glad you joined us. It is good to know where you food is from. There are some posts and threads about people raising chickens for self sustainment. Check out the stuff on Poop free waterers. The gal that sells them also has some interesting stuff about raising meat birds.

During the depression in the US the then president encouraged folks to raise back yard chickens and suggested one per person in the household.

We had some foreign exchange students stay with us last summer and they were surprised that Americans ate eggs for breakfast. I do think it goes back to the depression era and our love of eggs for breakfast. Economically, chickens make good money sense. The are good foragers and for little money can provide a huge return. My husband sells eggs to his co workers and that pays for the feed I purchase.

We made our coops from recycled pallets and my husband even straightened the nails and reused them.

Chickens are a WIN WIN

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