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Dec 8, 2015

I've been reading BYC for about a year now. Thanks for everything! When my egyptian fayoumis were dying one by one and I had no idea what was going, I found information here that helped me feel at ease. I started with chickens about 9 months ago. I bought 9 chickens from a poultry swap. 2 trios of Marsh Daisies, and 1 trio of Egyptian Fayoumis. I was later gifted a Black Jersey Giant rooster, 1 Mille de Fleurs rooster, and 1 female Mallard Duck (I think). About a month ago I was gifted 4 RIR/white rocks hens from a production farmer.

Im living on a historic farm in Clinton, Maryland, 30 min from DC. Chickens are first farming endeavor but apart of plan of land use, regeneration of soil, eventual cultivation to fund preservation of historic house on property, called Wyoming (National Register Historic Places).

Chickens live in a fixed up old coop, free range all day. Awaiting adoption of Great Pyrenees for protection. Predators are weasels, foxes, racoons, and apparently coyotes!

Thanks BYC!

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You may want to check out the predator threads as well as coops - so you can safeguard your flock before the LGD arrives. Glad you joined us at Backyard chickens

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