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May 17, 2017
Hi everyone!

I have been in love with this website and chickens ever since my husband and I bought our first chicks last spring. We took the plunge to get married and move across the country to 11 beautiful acres in Massachusetts, so figured, hey- why not add chickens to the mix!

I have 6 bantam hens (silkies, dutch and quail) 2 bantam roos, and 9 bantam chicks in my flock right now. (Also adding guinea fowl next month to the new barn).
I have always been a dog lover but was really shocked at how much personality each of my little hens has and how much of gentlemen the roosters are to the ladies. It is so much fun to just relax after a chaotic day with a cold drink and watch 'Chicken TV' as our flock free ranges.

Here is a picture of their coop, built as a wedding present last year by my DH:


So far this run has proven itself at least once as I witnessed a hawk try to attack them through the wire over the winter. My two valiant little roos were so brave as they sounded the alarm and tried to fight the hawk from the safety of their run!

We have 9 new chicks right now in the brooder but hoping to get more from local breeders in Massachusetts later this year. We meant to have 15 but we found out the hard way that hatchery chicks don't always survive after the stress of the trip, which was heartbreaking <3

Thanks for all the advice! I hope to learn as much as I can and continue keeping happy chickens thanks to everyone here :)


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Aug 28, 2017
Hi, I'm in the Framingham area of Ma. I'm a new chicken chick, I have 6 wonderful girls who haven't layed an egg since they were given to me. They're all close to a year old, and I just love them. : )

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