Hello From Massachusetts

Deb D

6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
I'm fairly new to raising chickens. I have Three lovely girls. We have a Golden Buff, Lucy, A Blue Hamburg Lilly and a Blue Andalusian Millie. We got them Oct 4,2012. We raised them from chicks. I love BYC. I have used the resources here several times. Have officially joined the group today. I find this group very informative. Just found an egg with bumps looked it up here no worries whew!!!
Greetings from Kansas, Deb D, and
! Pleased you joined us! Happy you are finding BYC useful. Nope, no worries on the bumpy egg - just extra calcium. Good luck to you!
Do you think I need to back off on the calcium? I give them some just about everyday. I was having a problem with one of my girls eating her eggs. looked up and said either calcium deficiency or protein. I've started giving them black oil sunflower seeds as a supplement/treat so far seems to have helped with the egg eating. I also thought that maybe she was bored... We just got them a new coop so that seems to have them occupied exploring their new home.

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