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I LOVE my little peepers!! I have wanted chickens for sometime now and finally got 6 chicks in December. YEAH!! My hubby built me a beautiful coop and the peepers get to roam the backyard about 4 hours a day. I have quite a color combination of Amerucana chickens...unfortunately 3 of the six are roosters. Still trying to decide what to do about that...and its the main reason I joined this group. I am so looking forward to eggs in May/June but am dreading the heat. We have a portable mist system to set up outside the coop so I hope my girls will be cool enough this summer. If anyone has any suggestions about keeping "cool" hens in the 120 degree desert let me know!!

Can't wait to learn more! I have already so enjoyed the pictures of the chickens and coops!
Welcome to BYC! I started with chickens over the summer and the people of BYC have been great. Please visit my BYC Page for my blog links that you may find informative or amusing.

Shade cloth is your friend! I hear that chickens hate misters, but that seems to be a matter of hating the lack of choice since many chickens will happly cavort about in the rain.

We keep chickens for many reasons: eggs, food and of course, pets. I would raise the roosters for freezer camp.
Don't forget to post pics of your first egg!
A warm welcome from an imp in Washington

Some people put out a shallow container of water for the chickens to stand in.

Imp- heat's not much of an issue here in Seattle.
welcome! I asked the same question when I first joined and there were a lot of good answers.

One chicken momma would freeze bottles of water and put them in a garbage can on it's side. They would go in and out during the day as they needed. an air conditioned room as it were.

also, people will freeze fruit for them to work on during the hottest part of the day.
Gator fans or swamp fans, which is a mist set on a fan so you get the evaporated cooling.We put one our every summer.

again shade as the above poster mentioned.

and some people put out kiddie pool with a few inches of water.
Good luck with it all!

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