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Hello everyone I am from Michigan and just put together my first flock of chickens about 2 months ago. My flock is small compared to some I've seen it includes 5 Rhode Island Reds (5 months old), 3 Cuckoo Marans (10 months old), 2 Jersey Giants (6 months old), 1 Blue Red Laced Wyandotte (10 months old) and a Rhode Island Red Roo (5 months old).

I hope some of the great knowledgeable people here can help with a problem I came across today. First let me give everyone a lil info, my coop is an old horse stable so the floor is dirt. I installed 2 roosts and 5 wooden nesting boxes, the run outside of coop is 8 foot wide by 15 feet long. Since having my flock I've had to deal with the flu thank god I can call my vet and let him know what's going on with any of my animals and he will fill a script for us. Now this morning I go out to say good morning to my girls as I have every morning for last couple months, I pick up one of RIR pullets start petting her and notice some kind of flea type insect on her. I do some searching on google which brought me here, come to find out they are mites UGH. I've done a lot of reading tonight and can't seem to find one thing everyone agrees on that will completely get rid of these parasites. Am I doomed because of dirt base in the coop? Should I build them a new coop? Please someone help, I am an animal lover and would hate to see my babies suffer because of this.
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Glad you joined us! I've always used (our version of) Sevin dust and I love it. One proper dusting, chickens, coop everything and we're bug free. Remove all the bedding from the coop and nest boxes and make sure you get in everywhere. If you don't want to use Sevin, another product that I've seen highly recommended here is Permethrin. Best of luck!

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