Hello from mid Michigan

G MacG

9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
raising chickens is new to me. i been lurking and reading alot here and figured i'd give this a try.
i'm mostly interested in harvesting eggs and am working on a coop now, then i'll get some birds..
i live in mid michigan, for those from other states, for michiganders im in the saginaw area ..
thanks for the warm welcome !

shelleyb1969, i have some relatives that live in the thumb

love a duck... well hello there
Hey neighbor!

I'm in Arenac county, about 1 hr north of you.

There's a few in Bay City and Midland on this forum too. A few more in the West Branch/Skidway Lake area too
hey ! thats good to know that there are some other mid michiganders here
i may need some advice about getting my birds thru the cold months.
actually i dont have any birds yet.... yet.
i got to get my coop finished, i lost some head way today, i built a frame and window and it just was not strong enough
i have coyotes pretty heavily here, and i want the coop to with stand a coyotes attack..

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