Hello from Minnesota


8 Years
Sep 4, 2011
I'm new to Backyard chicken. Our family (husband, 2 boys) began our chicken operation this summer. We have 18 broilers in the freezer - yum! And 50 little broiler chicks just over a week old. We also have a flock of laying hens: 2 Black Australorps, 3 Rhode Island Reds, 3 California Whites, and 2 Americanas. We have two roosters - Buff Orphington. The boys get to choose which one stays at the end of October. We are expecting our first eggs in a month or so. We have a really cute chicken house out of mostly materials we had lying around the barn- we call it our "Omlet chalet." We're in the process of building a chicken tractor this weekend for the broiler chicks.

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