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    Hello everyone. Just a bit about me. I grew up in MS and moved away after college working as a civil engineer. I hiked the Appalachian Trail last year and liked all the hostiles and homesteads I ran into along the way. I am fortunate that my parents have 40 acres with a 7 acre field near here so I am wanting to start utilizing it for a small farm. My plan is to have bees, chickens, meat rabbits, and I hope to one day add goats. We have a small pond on the property as well, but unfortunately it is not near the 7 acre field.

    My challenges, I do not have water or electricity at the field (couple of thousand feet down to the field). I plan building a rabbit shed this month and adding a rainwater collection system to it. I have experience in water treatment plant operation so I think I will treat the rainwater and see how the supply works. If I am short of water I will haul in water for the short term and plan on adding a waterline down to the field next year. I wanted to raise Florida Whites but I think they may not do as well as New Zealands down here in MS.

    I am currently browsing plans for a chicken coop. I am wanting to do a chicken tractor, but I have not settled on anything definete. I know racoons are going to be a problem on this site.

    I am also wanting to start a handful of fruit trees and raise strawberries and grapes on the site. I will spend more time soon studying the layout for the veggies, etc.

    I wish we had a cabin on the site but currently there isn't anything. I look forward to learning from all of you.

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