Hello from Missouri.


6 Years
Sep 8, 2013
Deepwater MO.
Just got back into chickens a few days ago after being away 20 years.

We decided on 3-4 hens and a small Chicken Tractor. We ended up with 9 Orpington Pullets, 3 Plymouth Rocks and a 6.5 X 8 ft. chicken house. Glad we stuck to our guns with our original plans <GRIN>.

Already "stole" allot of information before I joined and appreciate all the fowl knowledge. We also have four mules we use with the Sheriff's Posse for Search & Rescue and they are still figuring out our new additions.

Thanks Again, JW
Welcome to BYC! I'm so glad you joined us!
Make sure to join the Missouri group on here. I'm from St. Louis area and fairly new to this. Glad you joined

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