Hello from N. Alabama


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May 31, 2020
I'm thrilled to find this forum. It seems to have great resources. I am "new" to raising chickens and still in the planning stage. We will be building our coop as soon as hubby and I agree on a plan. I believe simple, efficient, and comfortable is idea. He is more inclined to be elaborate. I think I will prevail since I am the builder. 😂

I was raised on a family farm many years ago (too many to mention now! 😉) with a grandmother that had laying hens for twenty years or more. We often assisted her in caring for her hens & gathering eggs when we were children. Again, this was many years ago and a refresher is needed before I embark on doing this myself.

My family (hubby, son, & self) lives in N. Alabama, just south of Huntsville. We recently moved to an older home with a couple of acres. It's the perfect place to have our own chickens. I'm both excited and nervous about doing this on my own. So, I need the wisdom of this community, as well as support.


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