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Sep 27, 2013

My family and I are new to raising backyard Chickens, and unfortunately, we have not had the best of luck. We hope that this forum will help us along our journey to keeping healthy, happy chickens!

We started this Spring with Brahma (sp.) chicks, building our coop, and having our 3-year old interact with the chicks. All was going well, and the chicks grew nicely into (4) Roosters! Unfortunately, our city does not allow Roosters, so we had to get rid of all our chickens. We found someone interested in breeding Brahmas, and offered to trade us Production Reds for our chickens. Everything was going fine until one fell ill. We never did identify what happened to her. Her name was Joker because she sounded like she was laughing all the time. When she was sick, her neck seemed to quit working and was nick-named Womperjaw (our username in dedication to her).

We will post pictures of our hens and coop as soon as possible, and look forward to all the resources and wealth of knowledge of everyone involved.

Thank You! We look forward to interacting with everyone, and hope to contribute as much as possible.


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sounds like she may have had wry neck.

Teri Metcalf

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Aug 22, 2013
College Station, Texas
Welcome from College Station, Texas. It appears to be difficult to determine the sex of chicks while they're still very young. Even the expert sexers make mistakes. It's nice that your three-year-old is getting first-hand hands-on experience with chickens. One reason we have them is for the benefit of visiting grandchildren. They love to feed the chickens and gather eggs. Our one-acre is as close as they can get to a farm.

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