Hello, from Nevada!


7 Years
Jan 20, 2013
Hello, from Reno/Tahoe! I am new here and been reading all the posts. So much good information! I’m learning a great deal. Thank You!
I am new to owning chickens but have fantasized about having my own flock for the last 5 years. Determined to have chickens & own a Omlet coop, I watched EBay and Craig list daily. One rainy day as I waited in the car pool line to pick my daughter up from school there it was! A Eglu Go on Craigs list less then 5 miles from my home. I was manic to get in touch with the owner. Speaking to him he had a green 2 year old coop which included 2 beautiful hens that were laying 9 eggs a week. Was I in heaven I asked myself? or Santa is that you? We struck a deal sight unseen and I picked it up the beginning of March. It’s a nice coop the door sticks and requires a little jiggle to open it. Other then that it’s awesome!
The hens Tulip and Sweet Pea acclimated easily. Life is good.
Then...15 days ago we welcomed 4 chicks to our home. They are such cuties we love them and are enjoying getting to know them. (pictures to follow). They are in their brooder in the house currently. I ordered a Eglu Go for them. My thinking is the older girls might not want to share their coop.
So very happy and excited!

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