Hello from New Jersey


9 Years
Sep 5, 2013
Hello BYC family!

My Name is Anthony and I am married with a special needs 10 yr old son. I am a transplant from Virginia to New jersey a little over 11 years ago.

I just recently got introduced to the world chickens and other poultry and fowl by sending an e-mail to apply for a p/t second job at a local farm opperated by another member here. It was and entirely different experiance than what I am use to being raised on dairy farms in Virginia,but I must say it is quite a pleasing experiance.

Out of all the chicken breeds that I work with I must say I believe I am totally in love with the Dutch Bantams with a close second going to the phoenix, but they are all quite entertaining. my eyes have been opened to a whole new worls and I am loving it !

I am enthused about learning all I can about chickens and other poultry and fowl and perhaps how to convience my wife into the farm life lol.
Too bad you can't get your wife a job there just long enough to fall in love with chickens.

She is allergic to birds,and all fur covered animals except cats , and on occasion she is allergic to me. If it wasn't for the allergies I would just introduce her to a couple lil Dutch girls I know and it would be over lol. Thanks for the welcoming!

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