Hello from Northeast Missouri!


Jul 9, 2021
Was researching some issues with my newest chicks and found this group and not only did I find information on that problem but just kept reading for over an hour. I decided I should become a member.
I have been around chickens most of my childhood and as an adult decided to get a few when I moved back to country after living 15 years in the city.. We started off with 8 Red Sex Links, then added another dozen. We then decided to buy some Black Sex Links so we purchased 16 of them. We then believed we should have a rooster so we purchased a Yokohama Rooster and 2 hens. We never considered how many eggs that would be but it sure made all our friends happy.. The next year we purchased 12 Barred Rock hens. That was several years ago, All those chickens now long gone.. My husband recently came home with a Grey Law Rooster and 2 hens. We successfully incubated and hatched 15 of their eggs. I felt like an expectant mother counting down the days.
So that's my chicken back ground.

I am the mother of 3 adult children who have all left the nest. For now I have s little extra time on my hands so decided to give chicken's a go again.. My first grandchild is due in January. I can't wait to introduce them to all the farm animals.

I am looking forward to being a member and hope to offer some input when needed that may help others.

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