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Oct 5, 2010
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I found this forum while Googling around for a particular bread recipe and found the bread thread first. Then I checked out the whole place. Nice group you have going here.

Unfortunately I don't have chickens anymore. I used to have over a hundred. But the years and life changes have me living close in to town in a condo instead of having my own little place. I miss my girls a lot. We had a huge fenced in orchard that was their yard and the Coop was configured so that I could raise the ramp and lock them in at night to keep them away from predators. We kept their wings clipped so they couldn't fly out of the yard and they were 'free range' in that big ol orchard and boy did they lay great eggs.

I used to keep a 'chicken bowl' in the kitchen and all the leftovers, egg shells, peelings, plate scrapings etc., went into that bowl. Once a day I'd walk out to the yard and holler "oh, girls!!!!". You should have seen the sight of 100 hens all running, necks stretched out and wings out, as fast as they could run to get to their "treat".

We had a variety of hens, I liked them all. Of course everyone has a favorite hen with the favorite personality and mine was a little Araucana hen. She would run up to me as soon as I went in the yard and tell me all of the gossip and who was doing what to who. She kept up a running clucking the whole time I was in there. She was a great little layer of beautiful emerald green eggs too.

We always raised pullets for the freezer every year as well and I sold the mountain of eggs I gathered every day to a couple of restaurants who LOVED the dark orange yolks and the rich taste.

One of these days I'd like to have some chickens again. I'm planning on it in the not too distant future. I want a little place with enough land to have a chiken coop again.

I envy you guys the pleasures of owning chickens. I'm glad more and people are finding that not only are they great 'pets', they give you lots of entertainment along with some good eating.
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Welcome from an imp in Renton

That was a great intro.

Lots of us washingtonians here. Check us out on the Washingtonians thread inthe Where are you forum. Lots of nice people there.


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