Hello from ohio


Nov 2, 2018
NW Ohio
Hello I’m Lexie from ohio. My family owns over 65 chickens, 5 llamas, 3 donkeys, 2 mules, and 25 ducks. My bff @Ducksandchickens invited me as we are good friends. I recently adopted a German Shepherd puppy named rascal. We have about 10-20 barn cats and one indoor cat named Barbie. We have 2 goats on “hold”. We are buying them the 15th of November and are housing them with our donkeys who have over 8 acres to themselves. The Mules have about 4 acres, llamas about 4 acres and chickens and ducks live on about 2 acres of land. So yes my yard is huge!! We have about 30 acres of land which includes 10 acres of corn/soybeans

Thanks for reading my intro!!

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