Hello from Ohio!!


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Mar 9, 2009
Hello everyone.Guess i should have posted here first saying hello before i started asking questions and posting.
I live in Central Ohio.
We live out in the country with 14 acre's and a 2 acre pond.
My parents bought my children 6 Pekin ducklings last year for Easter and we fell in love with them.They was spoiled rotten.

We had a coyote get 2 out at our pond back in early Nov. and a mink just got into my pen they was in for the winter and killed 2 and wounded 1 badly and he died a day later.

We just got 3 Pekins and 1 saxony last weekend.So we have a total of 5 ducks for now and would love more.

I don't know alot about ducks,but i'm slowly trying to learn.

We are planning on fencing in some of our acreage and purchasing some farm animals. We would love a few geese,more ducks,a few Guineas ,goats,and lord only knows what else we may get.

Me and my Husband have a 13 yr old daughter and 8 year old son.
3 dogs (2 rat terriors and 1 beagle mix) 3 cats,2 Anole lizards,4 turtles,5 ducks and a fish tank of fresh water fish.

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