Hello from Ohio


8 Years
Jun 2, 2011
Hello from Ohio. I'm a third grade school teacher, and I got some eggs and an incubator from my sheep herding instructor (more on that) for my school. Had 22 eggs, hatched 13, 4 weren't fertile, on Mother's Day. I have 5 Cochin and 8 bantam cochin chicks, seven of those are frizzles. I believe I have at least three cochin hens, not sure about the banties. I can keep six in the city, so I am anxious to sex them and find homes for the others. The coop is nearly done, the smell in the house is a bit much, and soon they will be able to go out. I found this website looking for coop designs, and I love it.
I am an avid gardener, flowers and veggies, and I love animals. I breed, show and train german shepherds, sheep herd and conformation. My biggest challenge is teaching them to leave the chickens alone in the run.
One day, I hope to save enough money to buy a farm.


Dec 27, 2008
Pasadena, CA

Sounds like you're way closer to your farm dream than I am - I'm jealous! Good luck with your chicks, and especially with the dogs. And don't despair - the smell goes away as soon as the birds move outside. Then you forget about it, and sooner or later you're craving more chicks. It's a vicious cycle!

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