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May 28, 2011
Hi, I live in Scottsburg, Oregon, a very rural area. We're about 16 miles from Reedsport which is on the coast.
My sister-in-law and I live next door to each other and we decided to raise some chickens. I'm a total noobie at it. Although my SIL has never raised them herself, her father raised them years ago when my SIL was a young girl. My SIL is also a retired Vet Tech so she has a way with all animals. She bought books and read on the internet about raising chicks.
She decided that she wanted Silkies, Buff Orpingtons, Silver Laced Wyandottes and Australorps. The problem was that SIL was going to be taking a trip to Texas to visit her sister for 3 weeks and that was early April to the end of April and we wanted to wait until she got back to get the chicks. We figured we would take our chances on getting what we wanted in May. So we now have 2 of each of the breeds we wanted except for the Silkies. We got the 2 Orpingtons and the 2 Wyandottes in Coos Bay on May 19 and then got the Australorps on May 26. We've decided against getting the Silkies this year because we can't get them right away and since they're a small breed we don't want to put those tiny girls in with the big girls.
We rigged up a nice big dog kennel in my SIL's living room and so far it's worked out perfectly. We clean the kennel out every day so no bad smells, yay!
My niece's boyfriend built a chicken tractor that is almost ready for them when they are ready to go into it.

I do have some questions...
What do most people use for bedding for the babies? We started out with towels over newspaper. We started using Crown Animal Bedding the other day but it's $12 for a 40 lb bag. We were hoping to find something a bit cheaper since we change it every other day.

I'll be sure to ask more questions as I think of them!

We're also looking to get a YOUNG Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster. We don't want a new baby now since the girls are already established but rather one that is more like 2 weeks old. If we don't get a rooster now, we'll wait until fall. Does anyone know of a place in Oregon that might have the rooster we're looking for?

Thanks for listening!
from Beavercreek, OR! You should check out the Oregon thread and the Oregon Summer and Fall Poultry Swap Threads.

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