Hello from Palmer, Alaska USA. New to the forum, but not new to poultry.

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Jun 2, 2020
Our family runs a hobby farm homestead. We have raised & wintered over chickens for the last 15+ years. We free range our chickens and started using fermented feed two years ago. Our heritage flock currently includes about 16 hens including 2 bantam cochin, 5 roosters, the Norman the main guy, Blackjax the backup, little Norman the bantam and last but not least our 2 silkie Roos, Rod Stewart & Charlie. Our breeds include ameraucana, Australorp, welsummer, blue wyandott, buff rock, leghorn and a mix. This year we hatched 20 from our own eggs to add the the flock. This was our first year hatching local duck eggs of pure bred stock. Our duckling hatchies are 2 mallard, 2 Rouen, 1 Swedish, 2 Saxony and 2 Muscovy. We have also raised Cornish Cross meat birds for the last five years. I just got the little bulldogs set up in the meat chicken mansion to start free ranging. We also stay busy with the 30+ rabbits, the apiary, the greenhouse & garden.
The picture descriptions:
🐔 The meat chicken mansion, designed to take down and store for winter.
🐥 Our baby chick hatchlings, first hatch.
🐔 Our son feeding the flock a snack.
🐣 Our Muscovy hatchlings.
🐣 Our little Saxony duckling hatched with his yolk ball on his belly. He struggled for a few days, but he’s doing great now.


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