Hello from Paw Paw, IL


8 Years
Aug 28, 2011

I am a new "mom" to six chickens that I adopted from a neighbor who could no longer take care of them. There are two silver lace Wyandottes, two buff Orpingtons, and two "Easter-eggers". I bought a new coop and read many posts on this site to help them to be happy & healthy birds. They have an electric poultry fence from Premier, a coop with attached run filled with sand (with pea gravel base). I have put agricultural lime in the floor of the pine bedding and given it a dusting of DE w/calcium bentonite (sp?).

Today, they had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and a helping of clover.

A bit about me: I live in a small town and love using my half acre to live sustainably. I am married to a great guy and have two kids. We have fruit trees, three types of gardens, grapes, kiwis (yes, they grow here!) and I also have a aquaponics system where I grow veggies year round in my basement fed by rainbow trout. I can't wait to get to know others that live the "urban chicken" lifestyle.

I hope to learn much from this site, especially for the harsh Northern IL winters.

Lisa Zeimetz


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