Hello from Plainfield.

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  1. BYC60586

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    Mar 15, 2017
    Plainfield, Illiinois
    Hello fellow Illinoians,

    We are starting a new adventure into the wonderful world of Back Yard Chickens. We are currently in the planning stages. From the research I have done on this site here is what I have come up with.

    Looking to get between 3-5 hens(roosters not allowed).
    Not sure on breed yet any recommendations would be great
    Coop size we are thinking 4x6 raised and a covered run that would be 4x12

    That's about where we are for now any advice/recommendations would be great.

    Looking forward to interacting with the many great people on this site.

  2. royalducky101

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    Feb 23, 2017
    Hey welcome to BYC we are glad to have ya!!!! U will love going out in the morning and getting your fresh eggs

    For just a small back yard flock u won't something that is going to be great layer and pretty to look at

    Rhode Island reds are one of the best breeds to have for eggs production they lay just about a egg evey day you have about freezing and they are good meat birds.

    #2 barred rocks lay almost as many eggs as the Rhode Island red but a little less they lay between 220 and 260 eggs per year.. good for meat little smaller then Rhode Island red and barred rocks and very pretty birds.

    #3 buff orpington lay between 190 and 240 vary gentle bird, good meat, pretty gold brown color.

    Hope this helps any questions let me know I'm here to help...

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