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May 29, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

I found backyardchickens.com while researching back yard chickens, lol. So thought I would join and learn about keeping urban chickens first. I do not own any chickens yet.

I own a home daycare and was thinking about getting a few chickens to supply us with some super-fresh eggs. Possibly build a nice little coop in the back yard garden area. I have a separate playground area for the kiddos. :) Right now I'm checking around to see if chickens would be allowed in my neighborhood. I live in unincorporated Puyallup WA. From what I've read so far it seems to be allowed, possibly with a limit of 5 chickens, no roosters. I like to do different projects so the kids can see how things work, and we would love some fresh eggs. And it would be a learning experience for me and the kiddos. We are outside a lot so the kids would get to watch and talk to the chickens.

Lisa :)
puyallup, wa
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :)

I just read up on the HOA rules for our neighborhood, local ordinances, and animal control info for my city....and, YEAH!!!, I can have a coop in my back yard with a "suggested" limit of 5 birds, no roosters. This is going to be so great! Fresh eggs!

I have a coop design picked out too. It's simple enough that we can build it ourselves. (we just put a laminate floor in downstairs....I think we can handle a little chicken coop, hehe)

I'm excited. We are also going to use this experience as a sort of science project that will let the daycare kids see the chickens every day. The coop will be within good viewing distance from the playground, but not close enough for the kiddos to mess with the hens, lol.

Thanks for this great site and all the friendly and helpful people. I want to learn a bit more while we plan and build our coop and get it ready for the chickens.

Lisa :)

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