Hello from Rancho Relaxo's Home for Wayward Fowl


9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
Good Morning and Hello fellow BYC members!!!
After a year of devotion to cleaning up our property and getting the rest of our critters settled in, I made good on my threats and marched down to the feed store and bailed out 7 Barred Rock chicks.
I thought I had done enough research and knew just exactly what I was getting myself into - plus all my ever helpful neighbors and feed store friends giving sage advice. I admittedly had no idea that A) chicks are addicting and will feed any Type A OCD underlying behavior in humans B) they grow faster than a speeding bullet C) they are way more fragile than they let on to be D) containment is a daily struggle when you thought a card board box was going to be your best friend for 4 weeks.
That said : We live on and acre in Shadow Hills , California with our 8 horses and 3 dogs. The Lucky 7 as they were immediately dubbed are : Bettina, Henrietta, Wicked Wanda, Aunt Betty, Buzz, Rooster and Dizzy.
We is : Deirdra and Tim. Nice to meet ya'll - this forum has already helped me immensely.


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
SW Ont, Canada

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