Hello from small town TX


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
Over the rainbow...
Hello BYC community! I've been using this sight for almost a year now to help me with some chicks that were unexpectedly given to my daughter.
As much as i didn't want them i certainly didn't want them to die on my watch. I'm proud to say all 3 have made it to (almost) their first birthday with the help of the wonderful people on this site!! Because of those first 3 mix breeds we now have 9 mix breed banty chickens, and 13 olive and easter egger chicks
All have been an amazing addition to our family... One amazing husband that lets me get not so typical pets (hopefully ducks and geese soon) one funny daughter that loves to see and feed the babies but is terrified of roosters, a silly poodle mix that thinks the chicks are her babies to nurse (which she is confused as to why they never do)
and a cat that is lazy enough to let any of them play on top of him and not bat an eyelash.
I'm not sure what they are crossed with. Someone told me my hens may be a plymouth rock cross and my rooster may be a leghorn.The banties may be a dutch silver cross not to sure. I will find some good pictures and post them so that I can get some help identifying what I have

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