Hello from Smalltown Nevada


Nov 24, 2015
Fallon, Nevada
Hey all,
Well, I am indeed a newbie. Not only to this site but to chickens in general.
My husband and I are newly retired to the Country. Little ol Fallon, NV. About an hour outside of Reno.
My husband was in the Army up until 4 years ago when he was injured in Afghanistan and was medically retired. I retired from being an interior designer to take care of Hubby. I had horses when I was young but more suburbian horse owning. LOL.
We have literally our first house after many years of moving that we have been renovating the last 2 years. I have always, since a child, wanted chickens!
Today we adopted 3 girls from our neighbor who unfortunately is moving.
So here I am, looking to learn as much as possible so I have happy babies.
welcome to the flock. I am new as well, though iv'e been lurking on the site for months getting helpful info for my ongoing coop build

I'm finding everything I need as far as advice, real world experience and a ton of helpful people. I' sure you will too.

Bride Believer has given you good links, so I will just say Welcome to Backyard chickens, and a sincere thank you to your husband , for his years in service.

Congratulations on getting your flock! I hope you enjoy your chickens as much as I do mine. Feel free to ask questions, there is a ton of information available here and a lot of friendly, helpful members.

Thanks for joining us!

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