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  1. We live on a small farm south east of Charlotte, NC, and used to have chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc., then we got busy with the kids when they were in high school and reduced our farm to just horses. Now the kids are grown and gone, we're getting sheep and I'm looking into getting chickens and ducks again. It seems there are so many more breeds available now, and I want to learn more about them before deciding what to get. I look forward to learning more from you all!
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    Being that you've already owned poultry it seems to me you've more to think about before jumping back in opposed to people who've never owned or been around them. Those just starting out, like I did not too many years ago, usually get inexpensive hatchery pullets from the feed store in spring. You know, low cost all pullets and high egg yield to see how you like them.

    Breeds are very obtainable nowadays with more being introduced into this country each year. To narrow it down you first think of your intent, eggs or dual purpose or fancy, then color pattern. If you want roosters or not. Then if you would like to raise and continue heritage line or hatchery stock. If heritage and roosters maybe the breeds endangerment status would weigh in. And lets not forget general temperament of each breed.

    It's a lot to think about compared to going to the feed store and picking up whatever pullet chicks they have in stock. It's how I started and have since moved to one heritage breed and incubator and have been hatching chicks each spring for 3 years now. But I had to know if we were chicken folk first. It seems me that you knowing you already are have more to think about.
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  7. So what breed did you settle on and why?
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