Hello from Southern Indiana!

Ashridge Acres

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9 Years
Mar 10, 2010
Orange County, IN
Just introducing ourselves as new chick owners in Southern Indiana. My wife and I decided that we and the kids would enjoy the hobby of raising a couple chickens on our acreage for some fresh eggs, so we broke down and bought 4 chicks almost a week ago. They are almost 2 weeks old and doing great in our little brooder in the living room where the kids can watch them grow and help feed them and keep their tub clean.

We ended up getting (supposedly all pullets) 2 Barred Rocks, 1 Silver Lace Wyandotte, and 1 RIR. My small coop is almost finished and I need to build a run yet, but we're getting close and enjoying the company of our new feathered children! Anyway, just wanted to say hello and thanks for the tips that have gotten us well on our way!


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