Hello from Southwest Pennsylvania


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
Greetings all, I'm Jeff. I've been growing feed store bought chickens and a pair of ducks for a couple of years, now I'm looking to expand the flock. My sister, known here as Pavla, suggested I join here and browse the topics to get some ideas of what to try next. So far I've found this forum very educational and helpful. For those that need more location information to suggest some breeds, I have 16 acres a few miles north of Pittsburgh that is slowly being turned into a homestead. It's windy here, but the land is mostly wooded. The temperatures range from high 70s in the summer to low 20s in winter. I'm looking for friendly breeds, good egg layers are a plus. I'm also interested in quail.
I hope you enjoy this forum as much as I do.
from Texas.

My light brahma hen is very friendly and she lays about 5 eggs a week. I am hatching standard cochin eggs right now. I want a rooster but have a small child and so I am wanting to keep a sweet rooster and have heard cochins are an especially friendly breed. On the cochins though I have also read they are not the best layers.

Ameracaunas/EE's are always fun pretty eggs are a plus and they lay alotttt of big eggs.

I am also waiting to hatch out some welsummers (dark eggs sound good).

Good luck finding the breed you want. I can't pick, I want several breeds.

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