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Feb 24, 2010
SW Florida
We decide that six kids and four cats just wasn't enough. So we built a coop and run and got chickens too!

We live on a half acre and have been wanting chickens for about 7 years. We used to live in town on a quarter acre and were told that chickens weren't allowed. Since being out here we have learned that they are(we think). We have only 1 neighbor within eye sight and they sure won't care either way.

We started out with 2 Bantam Frizzles who were born in June. We got them from a sweet 4-H girl who was sad to see them go. Frizzle and Frazzle are the best of friends. They follow each other everywhere, including flying out of the run.

We also have two 5 week old BPR. One is named Minnie, but no one knows which one it is. Then there are the 2 gorgeous BO(5 weeks). One is slightly bigger than the other, the small one is named Foofy. (that's what happens when you let your 4 year old little boy name it) We also got a BPR roo. He is at least a week younger than the girls and he is such a baby. At night all the girls get up on the top roost and he stays on the lower one. His name is Sarge.

There is the little chick that was thrown in for free. We don't know what breed or sex that one is yet. It's living in a cat litter pan right now.

And tonight I am going to pick up some Easter Eggers that are a week old.

We can't wait to get our first egg, which will be a tiny Frizzle egg(and soon I hope).

This is just the beginning of my addiction. I have a wish list and have been watching craigslist.com every morning and evening for new arrivals.

I want 1 or 2 Cochins, Silkies and Black Astralorps. I also want a separate bantam coop for my Frizzles and the future Cochin/cochin Frizzle bantams I plan to get.
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Let the addiction begin.

I am amazed at the 6 kids. I only have 2 and that is plenty, I don't know how you do it and have chickens to.

Congrats on all the new additions. We started with 10, 4 NH Reds, 1 Partridge Rock, and 4 bantam cochins. We now have 46 at various ages and 10 eggs in the bator.
Welcome from North Florida Check out the chickenstocks,swaps section there are always swaps going on where you can buy sell or trade for the chickens you want . Check on here also we have some silkie breeders on the forum from Florida Good Luck with your wish list Micki
Also there is a chicken show next month in Arcadia should be a blast.

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