Hello from SW Florida…


12 Years
Mar 6, 2011
Hi, everyone. I’ve had several small flocks (8-12 birds) over the last 25 years.
I guess I’ve been what you might call, an on-again / off-again chicken farmer.
I’ve mail ordered chicks and got them from the feed store.
Then there was the time I bought 7 Wyandotte chicks from a little girl selling them on the side of the road… What are the chances of 7 “straight-run” chicks being all cockerels?

About six months ago, after keeping us in eggs for several years, my Araucanas, retired to free-range in the dooryard of a friends acreage.
It’s too quiet around here. I always miss them when I don’t have them. Having a food source in the back yard doesn't seem like a bad idea these days, either.
So… I’m ready to do it again. Order some chicks… Clean out the coop… Maybe get serious about it this time, and try some hatching to keep my flock going.
First thing is to pick a breed. I think I'll go with bantams this time, so I can keep more birds in the space I have.
I’ll be reading, and I'm sure I’ll have lots of questions.
Thanks ahead of time!

Those are the odds I would get. That's why I no longer order straight runs.

LOL! I don't think it was by chance. I think I was had... By a couple of kids, no less!

I placed an order today, for 30 straight run OEGBs. That should give me a small flock of hens, and a rooster or two.
The rest can go in the freezer.​

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