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Yep I'm a New egg and proud of it!! Greetings from Altamont Tenn. Well to tell the truth the new exp. with raising chickens was not my idea, I just happen to have the farm and my Daughter and her 2 girls decided on bringing Papa a couple golden sebrights. Well that got the ball rolled, or should i say egg rolling, today i got 4 buff orpingtons pullets. But i have to say it is kinda an addiction. oh yea plus 1 baby duckling, i guess were off to a good start (lol) it has been alot of fun and I really enjoy watching the grandkids when there around the farm animals, once again greetings and glad to be on board,, mike
from Washington

Congrats on the chickens

from PA! We were just talking about going to TN to see your lovely state. We're looking for a nice farm to buy there. Any ideas on areas where it's rural and nice?

Good luck with your chicks!
hello,, tennessee is a good choice,, not just because i live here but it is such a good place to be, i live in the mountains, it is between Nashville and Chatt., land and homes are real cheap to buy, and the people will make you feel at home, the town i live in is altamont, ride your 4-wheeler to the store, east Tenn in the smokeys is more expensive and crowded, i know a man with 5 acre tracks for sell if interested
Yes, Tennessee is a good place to be! Mike is right, east Tennessee can be a more crowded place particularly around Knoxville (UT campus) and the mountains due to it being such a hot spot for vacationers. I am in Vanleer, TN which is west of Nashville. You can still find tracts of land from 5 acres on up to several hundred acres well worth the money. Vanleer is only about 30 minutes away from Clarksville, TN and about an hour from Nashville. This part of Dickson county is much more rural in nature and raising livestock is a big part of our community.

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