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Sep 2, 2011
My name is Renee and I live in South Texas, that place where it gets really hot! I currently have three Deleware hens and just purchased some chicks from Ideal Hatchery, so I just had to log in and post some pictures
We also have 5 Nigerian Dwarf goats, 1 cat, and a lot of indoor spoiled doggies! I've always come to Backyard chickens for information and questions, like for a little chick in our new batch with crooked toes. It really is a great forum
Howdy, cricketofthesea and
. Love the username!
Enjoy BYC and your Delawares! You should find answers to all of your questions here. And I hear cooler air and maybe rain is on the way for you!!

I have seen a great post about taping crooked toes for your little ones. I'll try to find ti and send it to you.
Also with the super hot temps in Texas, you'll want a really good watering system, maybe even a backup waterer.

Welcome to BYC!
The weathers been great these last few days, we actually stayed below 100*, yesterday it only got to 94*!

Hmm, that sounds really sad when I look at it, I think I need to move lol. We started bringing our three hens inside in the afternoon this last week, it was just too hot out there (105*+). I found the site about Chick Orthepedics, linked from Feathersite, as well as a few forum posts that helped too. We'll be checking her toes this evening to see if they're any better *crosses fingers*

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