Hello from Texas


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7 Years
Oct 23, 2012
I'm new to raising chickens, have my first one coming in on the 31st of Oct. I'm ready and think I will really enjoy raising them.
Good luck with your chicks when they arrive! Howdy from another Texas member
Yes it will be a treat for me. I'm so excited and hope they do well. I ordered them from Ideal.
Also from Texas (DFW). Got my first batch of Light Brahmas in July, so I know how you feel. I worried over them like any good "mother hen", and now that they are well established, I spend time with them each evening after work (before it gets dark), and get a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment from watching them. They have come to expect me to have something for them, so they gather around and when I sit down, some will climb up into my lap, checking to see what I may have in my hands to eat. The personalities are coming out now. Small flock of only 9 birds. Lost a couple early on, but all are happy and healthy now. Good luck and ENJOY !

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