Hello from Thailand, a Newbie


Jul 7, 2022
Greetings from Thailand to all of you on BYC :)

Still a newbie here. I've been raising chickens since Corona struck and got an offer to rescue Rhode Island Whites that were scheduled for culling.

I have no prior experience, so it forces me to learn as I go. It's been an enjoyable ride as I fumble and frustrate with these guys and girls' journeys so far.


Currently 2 M / 14 F Rhode Island White | 3 M / 9 F Thai Game on Free range.

I came across this website when looking up plants that help keep birds out of the garden. So far, it's been a gold mine of knowledge.

Although having this fantastic website when I first began out would have been nice, it's better to be late than never.

I would like to connect with other chicken lovers from across the world and would love to learn more from everyone.

I'm also interested in homesteading and permaculture, and I'd love to learn from folks who have experience in these fields.



Please don't be hesitant to say hi in the mail. If you've ever been to Thailand or reside there,

I'd love to hear about your experiences with the tropical climate and how you raise your flock.

Apologies in advance for any gibberish. My English isn't good yet. :D

Hope we all get along and please take care of me and my flock, TropicBirb~ ❤️

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