Hello from the Blue Mountains - Australia


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8 Years
Apr 16, 2011
Hi All,

I'm kind of a newbie to chickens - I had a couple when I was growing up, but they just ran around the yard - I can't even remember if we ever got eggs from them .....

This time around, I have two chickens (not sure of their ages - let's just call them point of lay pullets) - one RIR (Gertrude) and one Australorp (Gwendolyn). I purchased them from the local produce store about 6-8 weeks ago. They have a little coop/run all of their own with two nest boxes and a spot to roost, but they spend just about all day every day free ranging in my backyard. They are very entertaining, and the RIR in particular has become very friendly. She's easy to handle, and my children (daughter 3.5yrs and son 2yrs) just love her.

I found BYC when researching before I made my purchase. I had to present a compelling argument to my husband for the acquisition of more animals (we have two indoor cats and 6 fish).

That's about it really - now I have lots of questions, but I will try and post those in the right places


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