Hello from the Coast of somewhere beautiful!


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6 Years
Sep 5, 2013
I am glad I came across this site. I just started with chickens & have so much to learn. I have 9 hens & 1 roo. (he was given to me because my friend didn't know she had two roosters when she bought the chicks). I wasn't going to keep him but he is very helpful with his girls. He looks out for them. I look forward to posting with all of you here !

I just joined too, my first time with chickens. How old are your chickens? Mine are barred rock a little over 4 weeks old, all ladies.
Welcome to you also! My chickens range from 5 months to 3 years. I have 1 Barred Rock, he's a rooster, he is about 2 yrs. old. I have 2 yellow hens, (not sure what kind, maybe a buff mix) they are about 1 to 1 1/2 & I also have 3 Road Island Reds almost 3 yrs old and 4 mixed black hens. I'd love to hatch my own. I'm reading up on doing that now.

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