Hello from the islamic republic of iran


May 9, 2015
tehran, iran
Ok well firstly hello to all you lovely people, new member and all!

Id like to introduce myself abit, im 33 and have lived in the united kingdom since i was 8, im in tehran the capital of iran, staying at my grandmas house, its a big house compaired to what im used to.

Ok so my grandma has had chickens in her garden from...... Well ever since i remember, she dosent care about breed or type or anything, she just loves having chickens around, in my life time ive seen them come go, die, lay eggs, raise chicks and get eaten buy all members of the family.

I came bk to iran about 9 months ago, my gran had raised a few chicks from 4 years ago from when i was just visiting for a bit, they all grew and where old, i asked her do they ley eggs gran she said they just eat and poop now a days, i laughed and went about my buisness.

After summer ended winter begun and it was brutal, lost 3 of our hens, had 7 to begin with, lost another one cause she thought the hen that is, that she could fly, she jumped from a 3 meater wal and aparently she eather broke an egg that was in her or she broke her pelvis, it was brutal, i asked what we should do and they said go to the vet if its so important, luckylee my mums aunts daughters husband is a vet, he told me to just snap her neck and forget about it, she was a beuty! Red i called her.

Ok so after winter we got given one of these turk somthing chicken and she was very very tame indeed! That made a tottal of 3 old timers and a freshy, red has a naked neck very cool looking and full off carecter, she grew fast and layed eggs within 5 weeks of having her, she must have been around 3-4 weeks old, im not sure if she is a mix or a pure blood, but i dont care about that at all! Shes a beuty!

Around a month ago we got given a teen chicken all red nice and shiney fethers and a black tail, she was tame too, grew fast and so on now we have 5 hens.

A few months past and one of our old hens went broody, lying on unfertile eggs, so i did what anyone would do with minore hens around, yeh i borrowed the neibours big rooster, he was here for two weeks laying down the law as they do, and kicking the crap out of me, very strong and tough bird!

Now the hens been lying on 9 eggs, fertile i thought till she started breaking them, i asked my uncle witch is a pigion fancier and a nut for all things with wings, he has over 80 flyers that are all bread buy him, awsome stuff! He told me that the hen knows if the eggs are fertile or gone bad! She will break any that are no good, so i though ok! By the way she is sitting on 3 at the momment, its been 14 days, fingers crossed she will come through with some babies!

I was just going to see a friend in a place called "karaj" when i passed an area with large aseel roosters and i stopped and went in to see them, they where like 3 feet tal and really mean looking, i asked the guy about different breeds in iran, the guy streight up told me what ever breed you want, its available in iran! Its big buisness u know he said!

I asked him about chicks for sale, he had day olds but they where all mixed, so i asked him what do u have he said pick what u like, that dident go far, just seen two naked neck chicks and was about to buy them when a chicken fancier next to me said u intrested in bigger chicks?
I said yeh sure! I asked how much he said $1 each yeh a buck!
So i went to see what he had, he took me down the road and to his fathers shop, it was a feed store of types, took me to the back and showed me what i belived to be heveanly birds sent from god!

They where around 3-5 weeks old, not an expert just an estimated guess from the shop owner, he grew them all from day old, i counted how many there where, 20.
I wanted six at first but then it wnet to ten and finaly 12 birds, bought them was told to just feed them crushed corn, came home fed them and buy night i put them all in the chicken coop that i built myself from recycled matiriels, mettal frames some chicken wireing and some cement roofing that we salvaged when the neibours knocked there house down.

Ok now getting to the poin i was trying to make, the next day i see a few as in 3 chicks gasping for air! I said ahhh hell no! Respitory illness of some kind, read a lot on the internet on this website with its world of knoledge!
Then i said to my self this isent as easy as going to a feed store and getting medicated feed or medicin full stop!

So now im at the point where im giving them all, what i have at my disposal!

Ceflaxine, a bactirial killer from another world i used it myself when i had a misserable flue and it went in like 3 days, i read up on the drug and what i gained in knoledge was that it kills all types of bactiria, inside, i dont know if its safe for chicks but i took the risk as i knew from what i read that they would die very soon cause the viruse will get airborn, loose 3-4 a day i said hell no, dr shervin at there servis i am i am!

Seperated the three ill birds, and seringed one 500mg capsil in 500 ml of tab water and two suger cubes, mixed it well and seringed it down there throughts every 5 hours, 5 ml each, they would not eat or drink, just like they where over doing on drugs, eyes closed gasping away, for the remaining 9 chicks i gave growned corn plus dried bread and i capsil sprinkled and mushed in there food, god was on my side as these chicks can eat! With vigure! Three to 4 times a day a big old plate full, gave them water and left them to chillax.

On the other end i had the tree chicks doing worst than before, i started to check the forums here for natural remedies, read somewhere the can have worms, not just one type but like 6 or more different verieties, and i disided to read more, i took abreak from my studies and finamly went to give them there second dose and check on the rest at the back of my grans garden, the three chicks started pooping blood, so i though oh deer god they are gonna die! So i read more about the worms, natural remidee, garlic, pumplkin seeds, cyan pepper or chillies, dried or whole, i had garlic available so i mixed up some in there water and in there feed both for the healty looking chicks and the three ill ones.

Kept feeding and giving meds in threre water and there feed, every 5 hours, kept checking up on them, the chicks in the coop are fatty mc fattersons as all they do is eat and squer up to eachother and fight like roosters do, buy the end of the night i was pritty down and really kicking myself!
This will spread and kill the five adult hens!?!? What to do what to do!

So anyways around 8 p.m day two of there lives with me i went to seringe some ceflaxine down there throughts when i saw them all perky and up on ther feet, so growned corne and mushed garlic shervin special, fixed up a batch and just put it in front of them, diowered the whole fist full in five min flat, water was put in front of them and bobs ur uncle they where drinking on there own, i was so releaved, but thats not the end, today they seem to be coughing and when they make noised it sounds real groggy, they dont poop blood no more, i was told to keep medicating 3 to 4 times a day for the next two weeks and dispose of uneaten food and water via the toilet, the chances of things getting worst are seriously high, my nana said realease them in a week time but i read quarenteen for a month is the bare minimum!

Things are tough here, not everything is available, like if u want hey you have to drive out far to a farm and purchuse it there, chick feed like whats discribed on all the web and here is available but really expencive, these birds that i purchused are dual purpouse regardless of breed mix or type, the roosters will be eaten, as we are in the city and people are a pain in the but, play ur musick till three in the morning keep up the neibours but a rooster is like the terminator!
The hens will provide my nann with eggs for a long time, i recone i have at least 4 rooster maybee more, as they fight all the time regardless of how old they are now, i would like to see if anyone can recognise these new birds, mixed or not, would be nice to see what im working with, oh and the oldies they are like cats they come up to u begging for goodies, i give them herbs like rosmerry, thyme, mint, basil, and many many more stuff, they love barley, not all the time tho, my gran swears buy the feed she gives, shes old skool she keeps dry crusty bread, water and presto mush for the hens, they eat every last bit, im not an expert at all, but i do love fresh eggs, sunny side up and runny, nom nomm nommm.

As for meat well its good to know what ur eating!

I will be keeping everyone posted, pics will come soon, just need to figure out why i cant upload any via i-pad.

I got may questions about feed, like what to give chicks if u cant afford the ready mixed stuff mentioned on every other page!

Oh and when i do figure out how to get pics posted id love it if someone can tell me what breeds theylook like!

Anyway tnx so much for ur time people, hope i havent broken any rules and if i have my appologeese in advance!

God bless and one love to all you fether fanciers/egg lovers!
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

So glad you could join our community!

You have come to the right place for all the fun and learning! Make yourself at home here and if you have any questions, feel free to ask around the forums.

Welcome to our flock!

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