Hello From The Suburbs In Clay Alabama


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Sep 5, 2009
Clay Alabama
We have been lurking around for a few months and I thought I would introduce myself. We are truly back yard chicken farmers. We have 6 Barred Rock Bantams. They are almost 5 months old. They started laying on Feb. 1st and we are up to 92 eggs in 24 days. They have layed 6 per day 3 days in a row so I guess they are all on the program. WE have one odd OEGB they we got by mistake. She has not joined in as yet. She is the pet of our litter. My wife loves her.
I'm excited about neighbors near by who have but small pens in their backyards as well. laugh at me if you will but I tend to go over board when it comes to building things. My 2 Schnauzers have a play yard with a single and double deckerd play fort with ramps and toys. So when I built our chicken House I was no better. Nest boxes, clean out doors, feeders, pop door on cables. They have heat lamps that are on timers and a heat that are on Tempurture sensitive devises. They have a 20 by 32 ft run but I only let them out when it is above 38. I know! But we are having a great time. I wonder if they are laying so good because I have a grow lamp in the over head lights that I turn on for them in the Morning. I have read that the need so many hours of sun light before they start laying.
from Ohio. It sounds like you have some very lucky birds. My DH (dear husband) thinks my animals are spoiled. I will have to show him this one.

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