Hello from the U.P. of Michigan


9 Years
Hi everyone. I've been "lurking" for a few weeks now and have finally decided to "do the chicken dance."

I live in Menominee, Mi. It's about 45 miles north of Green Bay, Wisconsin - GO PACK GO!!!

Retired from USMC in 1999 after 21 years. Worked for awhile down in NC after retirement. I decided to move back home (Menominee) about two years ago to be closer to my Parents - who are both doing great but getting up there in age. Bought a small house on 5 acres just outside the city limits. I'm hap-hazzardly looking for employment as my retirement covers everything except real expensive hobbies..

I'm looking to raise chickens & rabbits. Rabbits for eatin' and would like to have both layin' and eatin' chickens...

I'm looking to get my flock started. I'd like to find somebody that is relatively close to me so I can pick them up myself. I've been on all the hatchery sites and while I'm sure they are quality birds, I can't see dropping that kind of change on something I'm just starting. I've come to the conclusion that there is a fine line between retirement and unemployment... LOL

Glad to be among such fine folks!
Holy WOW!! Someone else from Menominee!! I've been on here several years and only found a few from the UP. Most are from LP or "northern" Michigan!! glad to see another Maroon on here!! If you can wait a little while, there will be chicks at TSC around easter. Also Marinette Farm and Garden will hold a swap meet around the same time. I've got a few birds from each. Also got some from Ideal Hatchery - not too expensive and I got the chicks that I wanted. Let me know if you need anythig else.

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