Hello from the UK!


Dec 4, 2020
Hello from the UK! Been lurking here a while :D Like a number of households, the lockdown resulted in us somewhat unexpectedly adopting our first chooks. Our neighbour got a load of fertilised eggs to entertain his kids, and we ended up taking the three smallest pullets off his hands, then acquired another two the sensible way from a breeder. Two of the "pullets" turned out to be roos - oops - although in fairness one of the boys is a Silkie mix, so it was nigh impossible to tell for ages :rolleyes: Happily for us, Top Roo is remarkably docile and easy to handle, so not too many regrets there!

We have a mixed flock of five bantams! The three from our neighbour are of uncertain parentage, shall we say, although Tissot is part Silkie. (He is the biggest by some way, but his brother matured first, so is Junior Roo despite his size. Probably destined for another home eventually, unless they continue to get along...) The newest arrivals are a mottled Pekin and a Gold Top bantam. None are old enough to lay til Spring, but they've enlivened our lives enormously - we both work from home, and it's lovely having them pottering around the garden. We're in love!

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