Hello from Upstate NY!!


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8 Years
Nov 27, 2011
Hi everyone! I am new to chickens, we got some last spring, 3 Rhode Islands reds, 3 guinea hens and 7 Barred Rocks. I have been looking on the internet for chicken info and found this site. I must admit before we got the chicks, I was terrified of chickens. But now I am fine, I can pick them up and carry them if need be. Just wanted to say HI!!!!
Thanks! All our chickens come running when I call "girls"! Somehow we got lucky and got all girls, I was very skeptical that we would get all hens but we did. They help me garden, mow the lawn, groom the dogs or any other chore they think I need help with.
When I say " here Chickie Chickie" they come running. LOL

I say that too and ALWAYS have treats ready-much easier to collect them if a hawk flies over or if you are just going out and they aren't ready to come in.
Lol mine have gotten so used to me saying "girls" they now meet me at the bottom of our porch awaiting goodies. My neighbor gets a kick out of watching them walk me to the car or going with me to get the mail.

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