Hello from upstate NY

Crazy Mom

6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
I started keeping chickens after my daughter's kindergarten class hatched eggs. We've had a small flock for about 5 years - currently 14 hens-a-laying, 2 roosters and one determined guinea hen. We have a mix of golden comets, Americanas and buff orpington hens. One rooster is an Americana, the other was a free chick tossed in last year's shipment and is a mystery breed.

I found this website while doing a desperation internet search for an aggressive rooster problem I'm having. In addition to my chicken fascination, I also enjoy gourmet vegetarian cooking, gardening and canning. I have an elementary school aged daughter, 3 cats (2 mousers and 1 retired) and 2 dogs - one of them is a cocker spaniel bred to hunt birds but has made a lovely crossover into the role of poultry guardian.
Greetings from Kansas, Crazy Mom, and
! Pleased to have you aboard! You sound like a very dedicated poultry mom! Good luck to you and enjoy!
you said the magic word "Cocker" so you earn a second
I love Cockers, used to breed and show them in the late 60's & 80's.

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