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Hey, folks, I'm new here and I've been roaming around the forum and learning a LOT. This looks like a great forum and I appreciate the chance to listen and learn.

About 6 weeks ago I bought (my first) 6 Guinea fowl and I'm just about ready to let them start free-ranging from their coop, but today the local livestock dealer had a meet-and-swap event (done only twice annually) and I've been wanting some chickens for a while and I've always admired Barred Rocks...but it seems like they are in high demand and low supply hereabouts...but I ended up buying (in this case my first chickens....) two hens from one lady and then a cock from another fella who told me he's of "show quality" breeding! All for $25!

That rooster is certainly an awful nice looking bird. I can't wait to see his tail grow back. I can't wait to tie some saltwater streamers from his hackles!

Long story longer, I put the chickens in with the young Guineas, and within 3 hrs they acted like they're long-lost cousins already. The cock seems to want to run the show, but he seems very tolerant of the Guineas and the new (to him) hens, although it appears the hens and some of those whippersnapper Guineas have some pecking order to work out...

I figure I'll give the new clan a week or so to bond, and then let them out during the day to range (I work from home so I can keep an eye on them and a shotgun handy)...now the question is whether I can train my young BIRD DOG to leave the "pets" alone!

Looking forward to reading the forum and learning from you folks, and, I hope, throwing out something useful if and when I ever have something useful to offer.

Best regards to all,

from WI! Sounds like you jumped right in!!!

Any pictures of the 'kids', especially the roo ??
Congrats on your new additions...
Welcome from AZ!

Be careful with the dog. They can do fatal damage in the blink of an eye! Good luck!
Congrats and welcome. I'm not sure about the bird dog, but I have outdoor cats that hunt, and when I first let the chickens out to free range I was nervous. But the cats just lay right in the middle of the flock like they're all buddies.

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